What we stand for

Near & Fair

Personal advice
Despite all the advantages that email, Skype, Zoom etc. have to offer, we always like to take the time for a personal conversation.
Customer satisfaction
There is only one standard by which we measure the value of a customer relationship: satisfaction. We think long-term instead of quarter to quarter.

Owner-managed for over 27 years
We value flat hierarchies, clear structures and short decision-making paths.

Agile & Reliable


We work for leading financial service providers who call on us in particular for strategic HR challenges – and we have been working with them for many years.

Freelancer Portfolio
We have an extensive and first-class network of specialists that is always up to date.

Customised solutions
We do not solve problems using one-size-fits-all remedies or copy & paste. We respond to customer needs and offer individual tailored solutions.

Accurate & Farsighted


We have 16.000 active profiles which allow us to offer accurate options even for very specific job postings.

Long term partnership
Long-term cooperation with our customers is our most important asset. It is therefore in our own best interest that our solutions not only work quickly, but also have a lasting effect.

We understand your business
It is not enough for us to receive the project inquiry and know who the customer is. We are committed to understanding the business and the message behind every enquiry. This is the only way we can recommend the perfect specialist.