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Bosshard & Partner first analyses jobs and companies and then recommends the projects that fit your profile and your wishes. This is how we ensure that you, as a freelancer, find the IT jobs and projects you want.

Our personnel services

For every individual preference, there is a suitable IT project available. We offer a variety of IT projects and job opportunities that cater to different preferences and requirements. We first analyse the job offers and then recommend those to freelancers that best match their profiles and preferences. We aim to ensure that IT freelancers find projects that inspire them.


Comprehensive support and contract services from A-Z

Whether freelancers prefer long-term projects or short-term assignments, we provide a wide range of exciting job opportunities, such as in the insurance and financial services sector. Long-term collaborations are also possible. When applying for a project with a client, Bosshard & Partner manages the entire administration process. Our commitment extends beyond the paperwork. Throughout the project, Bosshard & Partner provides unwavering support, readily available to address any queries or concerns, fostering a collaborative and thriving partnership.


The advantages of both worlds

Freelancing can sometimes be quite complicated and time-consuming especially when it comes to billing. Employees often have it easier in this respect. Therefore, we offer you the advantages of both worlds.

Recruiting process

Bosshard & Partner distinguishes itself through a 360-degree competence assessment of our specialists. Besides professional and technical skills, we also take personality into account. You can count on a transparent and stringent application process with several stages, so that we not only get to know you better, but can also present you with the right position.

Which project suits me best?

Not all jobs are the same, even if job descriptions often suggest this. Are you looking for a leader? A team player? Or a supporter and teacher?

Employee benefits

Social benefits

As an IT recruitment agency, we insure our employees very well. In addition to the mandatory accident insurance, there is also the option of taking out private supplementary insurance.

Occupational benefits

Planning for the future requires careful consideration. In partnership with AXA Winterthur, we offer a well-developed pension plan with individually selectable and flexible savings options. AXA Winterthur provides attractive benefits even within the mandatory insurance coverage. Moreover, personalised supplementary packages can be added. This allows for optimising tax bills, increasing risk coverage, or saving through enhanced capital accumulation.

We are available for personal consultations to find the best security for the future.

«I work independently and Bosshard & Partner takes care of the rest!»

Vlastimil Kudrnac


«Bosshard & Partner has always enabled me to get involved in really interesting projects for highly specialized roles as an information architect or business analyst.»

Pascal Walz


«I have come to know Bosshard & Partner as a very uncomplicated business partner that not only places excellent employees but also provides solutions in the IT environment. The personal touch is never neglected.»

Jan Simon


«At Bosshard & Partner, recruiters are interested in people - how they work, think and what drives them. You're not just a number; if the first interview goes well, you remain in the back of people's minds until a good job match is found.»

Patrick Haag



Questions and answers to the most frequently asked questions

We want to make it easier for you to find a job and apply to Bosshard & Partner. That is why we have listed the most important questions and answers here.

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How do I receive job offers from Bosshard and Partner?

To receive job offers, register on our candidate portal. To do this, click on login on our website and you will be automatically redirected to the page where you can register. After registering, you will be contacted by our recruiters if you are a good fit for a current job. You can also apply for a job yourself either in your profile or directly via our website.

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What should I do if there are currently no vacancies for me?

If you have set up the search subscription in your profile, you will automatically receive notifications when we post new jobs that fulfil your requirements. You can also create a profile if there is currently no suitable position. This way, our recruiters can contact you if they think you are a good fit for a position.

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What happens to my data?

Personal data will only be used for internal recruitment purposes. It will only be passed on to third parties (customers) with express consent.

More about the DSG (Data Protection Act)

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How do I delete my account?

Log in to the candidate portal, click on your name and you will be taken to the page with your profile details. There you will find a button on the right-hand side under "Actions" to delete your account.

General information about Switzerland

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What does Switzerland have to offer?

Multilingualism, the political system, cultural diversity, impressive landscapes and the people characterise Switzerland. Here is an overview of Switzerland in general, as a business location and as a tourist destination.


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What do I need to know about permits, withholding tax and social insurance?

Information and further links on longer work permits, relocation, buying a home or property, withholding tax, social insurance, family reunification and unemployment of foreign nationals in Switzerland are listed below:


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Which visa regulations apply to EU/EFTA and non-EU citizens?

A visa for foreign nationals can be issued by the Swiss representation responsible for your place of residence. It should be applied for as soon as possible. There are basically two types of visa, depending on whether the stay is up to 90 days or longer.


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Do you live in Germany and work in Switzerland? Where do you pay taxes or have health insurance?

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Information on the A1 certificate and on employment in Switzerland while maintaining health insurance in an EU country.

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What can you earn in Switzerland, depending on your role, experience and age?

In Switzerland, salaries are negotiated individually or collectively and laid down by the social partners (trade unions and employers' associations) for a sector or for certain companies in a collective employment contract (CEC).


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How many hours a week do people usually work in Switzerland? How much vacation do you have? What should you know about dismissals?

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Being a freelancer in Switzerland. What do you need to know for temporary employment?

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Where can you find out about rental apartments if you want to work temporarily in Switzerland?


How may I help you?

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