Recruiting Process

Our competence assessment encompasses 360 degrees – besides professional and technical skills, we also consider personality in particular. You can, of course, count on a transparent and stringent application process with several stages, so that we not only get to know you better, but can also present you with the right position.

  1. Your application
    Regardless of whether you want to apply speculatively or for a specific position, please send us your application online. Remember that a detailed CV or a project history can give you a first impression of your competences.
  2. Screening
    After receiving your application, our recruiters will review your documents and keep an eye out for any possible employment opportunities in our company.
  3. Telephone interview
    We organise and invite you to join us for an initial meeting in the form of a telephone interview. Topics will include your current situation, your professional career and your current position. We are, of course, interested in your expectations regarding a new position – please speak to us openly.
  4. Personal meeting
    Once we have reviewed all this information, it is time to get to know you personally. Sitting across from each other, we will talk about your motivation and your experience, but also your specialist knowledge and – of course – about yourself. We would be happy to use the occasion to answer your questions.
  5. References
    In order to get a complete picture of you, we usually obtain references from the contacts you provide. References can be provided by your supervisor, colleague, employee or customer. Through the range of different perspectives, we obtain a realistic picture of your way of working and your strengths.
  6. Profile creation and transmission to clients
    We put together a dossier from the information collected and the application documents. We will, of course, coordinate with you before we send this profile to our customers. If we receive feedback, we will contact you directly.
  7. Your interview with our client
    If you have made a positive impression, we will arrange an interview. This could be either a telephone interview or a face-to-face interview with our client. We will prepare you extensively for the interview. We accompany you to your interview and can then swap notes directly afterwards.
  8. Conclusion of contract
    You can also rely on us when it comes to the subject of contracts. With our client's approval, we not only prepare the contract, we also clarify all administrative matters with you and are at your side with advice and assistance during the assignment.
  9. Support during the assignment
    Even during your assignment, we would like to stay in close contact with you and discuss how the project is going. We are always available to answer questions.


How may I help you?

Wan Hamed

Senior Recruiting Manager