Which project suits me best?

Not all jobs are the same, even if job descriptions often suggest this. Are they looking for a leader? A team player? Or a supporter and teacher?

As soon as a suitable project has been found, the application and CV are prepared. Nevertheless, the question always remains as to whether the job will actually appeal and whether expectations can be met. Does the company have a preference for an extroverted leader or an all-rounder?

Howler monkey, salesperson or team player?

We are all familiar with the different types we encounter in our professional lives. Some we like straight away because we like them, others we prefer to avoid because they don't let us have our say or constantly put pressure on us. Of course, not every employee can be a team player – who will be responsible for selling the product to the customer, convincing partners and encouraging employees to perform at their best? That is why we are looking for the right personalities for specific areas .
Soft skills become hard skills

The example of Steve Jobs clearly shows that sometimes soft skills are more valuable than technical expertise. Steve Jobs was a very good salesman, but a bad programmer. He preferred to leave the development of Apple computers to Steve Wozniak, yet it was he who made Apple what it is today.

Simply make sure - with the 360-degree skills assessment

To ensure that our specialists find the project that satisfies them, we carry out a 360-degree skills assessment. As part of this assessment, Bosshard & Partner offers a candidate evaluation which, in addition to a telephone and in-depth personal interview, also consolidates the external assessment by superiors, colleagues and clients into an overall assessment. In this way, a realistic assessment of the candidate's strengths and weaknesses can be made based on the various perspectives. Based on this information, we gain important insights and may therefore be able to find the perfect project.

The Bosshard & Partner team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.