Efficient cloud management

Benefit from modern infrastructure and cost-saving solutions.

Cloud solutions offer companies of all sizes the opportunity to modernise their IT infrastructure. This can reduce costs and increase efficiency and competitiveness. As with all new technologies, the transition to remote hosting brings with it various challenges for companies. Our expertise helps to overcome these challenges and save time and money.

Advantages of cloud solutions

  • cost efficiency and effectiveness
  • availability and reliability
  • security and trust
  • collaboration and mobility

Our approach

We always start our consulting with a comprehensive analysis. To do this, we use structured questionnaires and talk to those involved to get a clear picture of their goals, expectations and challenges. Based on these comprehensive findings, we develop the optimal strategy for a migration. We then deliver a document with prioritised and practical recommendations for action that employees can implement immediately.

«We offer solutions today for the success of tomorrow.»

Our offer

We offer various packages, depending on how advanced a migration is.

  1. Starter package: Are you planning a cloud migration or have you already started? We develop a suitable strategy that takes organisational, technical and financial aspects into account.
  2. Hybrid package: Are online services being used and a classic data center infrastructure being operated in parallel? We provide support with the complete transition to cloud operation.
  3. Native package: Are you already working productively in the cloud? We are happy to advise on optimise processes with a particular focus on efficiency and cost transparency.

Our goal

Through our advice, we identify any "blind spots" or targeted improvements to the cloud in order to avoid stumbling blocks during a cloud migration or in a cloud operation. We want to save companies unnecessary additional costs, identify risks at an early stage and manage them accordingly in order to implement a cloud migration smoothly and efficiently.

Your benefits

Actionable results: At the end of the initial analysis, we make concrete recommendations that can be implemented in the company immediately.

Vendor independence

We offer advice on the most suitable products, as we are not tied to any vendor.

Our experience

Our experts have extensive know-how in the introduction and optimisation of cloud solutions in companies.


We provide reliable support and accompany you throughout the entire migration process.

Our range of services expands our ability to act promptly and flexibly. We look forward to challenges. We like to convince!


How may I help you?

Ralph Becker

Head of Sales & Relationship Management Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung