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Optimisation and Opportunities for Businesses

Due to the harmonisation of payment transactions, companies are constantly faced with changes and the need to make adjustments. These include the global transformation to ISO 20022 formats as a communication standard, new digital payment methods or invoicing channels as well as interesting alternatives to the classic credit card. But what should companies pay attention to now? What challenges need to be overcome?

"The harmonisation of payment services always proves to be a major challenge for companies."

The basic requirement is simple and fast payment processing in a secure environment. In order to meet these challenges, optimised processes, new technologies and consistent digitalisation strategies are required.

Bosshard & Partner is happy to advise you with experienced consultants, project managers as well as co-operation and network partners to align every business for the future.

We provide support in the following areas:

  • new business strategies in payment services
  • standardisation of processes
  • finding suitable solution providers
  • planning new applications
  • monitoring of processes
  • cost reduction through process optimisation

Thanks to many years of expertise in the financial sector and our experience in migration projects, we are able to offer all services from a single source.

Advantages with Bosshard & Partner:

  1. Discover and realise new business opportunities:
    For Bosshard & Partner, it's not just bits and bytes that count. We consider the entire value chain in order to maximise the many possibilities of the new standard.
  2. Double the added value:
    With Bosshard & Partner there is more to it. Our innovative solutions ensure that not only the needs are met, but that additional opportunities can also be utilised.
  3. The best ICT specialists from the financial industry:
    Our interdisciplinary teams with proven specialists in the financial sector work according to best practice and are continuously expanding their expertise.
  4. Innovative solutions providers:
    Together we achieve more: Bosshard & Partner accompanies and realises the project together with committed and highly motivated cooperation and network partners.
  5. Personalised support:
    Bosshard & Partner provides a project manager who looks after and represents the client's interests for the entire duration of the project .

Further information on this topic:

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Why do companies need to act?

Advancing digitalisation and evolving e-commerce mean that payment services are facing recurring new challenges. Banking and financial solutions need to be simple, fast and, above all, secure.

Companies are required to make adjustments so that they are able to keep pace with the innovations and thus remain on an equal level with their business partners and customers.

But even those who want to be successful with their web shop presence must ensure that payment processing runs smoothly in the future. This includes ensuring that the payment methods offered are accepted by customers and that purchase cancellations are avoided. The lack of a payment methods favoured by the customer is nowadays one of the most common reasons for online purchases being abandoned.

At the same time, existing processes need to be scrutinised more consistently with regard to the "customer experience" and "usability" factors. In addition to the price and quality of an offer, shoppers will in future include the "shopping experience in the digital shopping area" in their decision.

Every change is also always an opportunity to simplify and standardise existing processes in a company and make them faster and more cost-effective through automation, thereby saving on administrative and operating costs.

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