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Get more out of ServiceNow. Enhance efficiency with erm4sn.

erm4sn is the easy, effective way to view and analyze your ServiceNow data model. Our application connects with your ServiceNow instances to provide a clear visual overview so you can work smarter and more efficiently. Browse the data model, compare changes and pinpoint compatibility issues: with erm4sn, you can get the most out of ServiceNow.

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CHALLENGE: Do your customisations to ServiceNow conflict with features of new ServiceNow releases and you have to undo them at great expense?

SOLUTION: erm4sn is the perfect tool for being "close to the box" with ServiceNow – and staying there.

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CHALLENGE: Do you know your ServiceNow instances well?

SOLUTION: erm4sn is the one-stop shop for all data model information you need to know about your ServiceNow instances and helps reduce effort and cost.

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CHALLENGE: Do you have issues with the consistency of your tables, columns and attributes?

SOLUTION: erm4sn runs consistency checks and identifies differences on tables, columns and attributes over multiple instances.

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CHALLENGE: Do you need a documentation tool for your customisations to ServiceNow?

SOLUTION: With erm4sn you create diagrams with one click and visualize the adjustments in an ERD tool of your choice.

erm4sn is the leading visualisation tool for ServiceNow. erm4sn takes your company’s raw data from ServiceNow and offers you a clear-cut visual overview of your data model in a browsable format. This puts you in the driver’s seat, allowing you to integrate, develop and manage your data yourself without having to send a ticket to your ServiceNow department every time you need information. Plus, erm4sn’s easy-to-use visual comparison features save you time by letting you pinpoint issues and make the right changes quickly and efficiently.

Features & benefits

  • platform upgrades
  • consistency check
  • schema Health
  • release comparison
  • Excel download

In short, erm4sn makes your business more efficient, faster and above all, more cost-effective.

To learn more, visit www.erm4sn.com

erm4sn was developed in Switzerland by our long-time IT partner Moers GmbH. Bosshard & Partner is pleased to be the exclusive distribution partner for Switzerland, Austria and Germany.


  • Hanspeter Himmel, Distribution Partner and CEO, Bosshard & Partner
  • Boris Moers, CEO and Founder of erm4sn
  • Ralph Becker, Head of Sales & Relationship Management, Bosshard & Partner


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